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Ethics 1st Tech Entrepreneur’s Club (EFTEC)

The mission of DataEthics4All Foundation is to Raise Ethics 1st Data and AI Champions.

To foster Ethical Tech Entrepreneurship, DataEthics4All Foundation is starting a new Program where High Schools are invited to start a Club called the Ethics 1st Tech Entrepreneur’s Club (EFTEC).

EFTEC will focus on experiential learning through competition.

Students in the Club will learn the ropes of what it truly means to be an Entrepreneur by identifying a problem, doing market research and building a tech product or an app to solve it based on the Challenge for the year provided by DataEthics4All Foundation.

They will get to collaborate with other schools and be mentored through the DataEthics4All’s Community of 1100+ Members from 55 Countries.

Think of EFTEC as the new Robotics Club without the high cost of participation.

experiential learning through competition

Zero Program Registration Cost. $29.99 Participation Cost for Each Student for the Year

Wanna become an Ethics 1st tech entrepreneur?